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Power Cutter – Milling Robots & Control Panels

The Power CUTTER series has garnered an excellent reputation in the area of self-propelled robots in recent years.

IST Power Cutters

The Power CUTTER brand name speaks for itself. Continued further development (e.g. in the observation camera and cable routeing) has produced considerable improvements.


A complete robot unit for Ø 150 to Ø 400 mm diameter pipes (i.e. the PC 150), including a 75-metre hose reel, controls and controller interface can easily be loaded into a medium-sized estate car (or station wagon).


Furthermore, an Power CUTTER 150 can be transported inside different vehicles instead of requiring a separate carrier truck to always be brought along. Therefore, the cutter can be taken out one day with the spot repair team, the next day with the liner group to carry out preparations for the rehabilitation and the following day to, for example, prepare joints for a grouting repair.

Power Cutter 150 demo

Power Cutter 100

The curve and corner-compatible milling robot for building connections

  • DN 100 to DN 150

  • Curve and corner compatibility in DN 100, even for DN 100 liners

  • Manual feed to the usage side, can be supported by an HD water jet

  • Smoothe feed adjustment using an HD water jet

  • Water jets controlled separately from the housing (angling function for side connections)

  • Electric drive for:

    • Circling (infinite)

    • Lifting/lowering the arm

    • 50 mm axial feed

  • Electrically driven, central tensioning in the pipe and/or liner

  • High-performance LED lighting, smoothly adjustable

  • High-resolution CCD color camera

  • 400 W air motor

  • Power units with lengths up to 50 m

  • Separate, mobile control - or using Power CUTTER 200 control

Air- / Water- / Power supply

  • 50 m compact hose, ø 30 mm

  • Sturdy chassis made of high-quality stainless steel

  • Empty weight: approx. 38 kg

  • Weight including compact hose: approx. 70 kg

  • Compact dimensions:

    • Width: 500 mm

    • Height: 1150 mm

    • Depth: 880 mm (incl. cable drum)

  • Cable drum diameter: 750 mm

  • Rubber tires/rubber feet for a slip-proof base

  • Chassis handles retract for transport and convenient usage

  • Built-in retractable monitor

  • Built-in controls

The profitable alternative.

Despite the investment-friendly price, this milling robot has inherited many technical genes from its big brother Power Cutter 200 and can be operated with the same controller/hose package. No external supply lines on robot.

  • Sensor monitoring

  • Remote maintenance module

  • Speed control

  • Proportional control

  • 4 degrees of freedom

  • Integrated front camer

Robot Arm

  • Elevation/ raise movement of 3.15"

  • Endles circles without stopper

  • Air motor / milling head manually adjustable

  • Sensor monitoring for pressure and moisture

Power Cutter 150

Front Camera

  • High-resolution CCD camera

  • High-powered lens/LED lighting

  • Swivel movement (optional)

  • electrical focussing

  • Pressurised


  • Streamlined design

  • Powerful carriage drive

  • Integrated hydraulic device to raise the arm

  • Inner supply lines

  • Tilt measurement

4 degrees of freedom

  • Robot arm upwards lifting and downwards lowering

  • Robot arm circles left and right

  • Forwards and reverse movement

  • Pivoting the tool receptacle manually forward and backward


  • Robust tubular steel frame with rotary opening for air/water hose, manual winding.

  • Equipped with 328/656 ft. twin hose.

Technical Data: Robot

Operating range:DN 150 - DN 225

Total length:29.53"

Arm length:7.87"

Circumference Ø:4.13"

Weight:44.1 - 55.12 lb. (depends on specs)

Technical Data: Air Motor


Power:860 W

Revs:18.000 rpm

Torque:4 Nm

Air consumption:277.38 gal/min

Dimensions:Ø 2.32" / H: 3.35"

Universal Base

Complete solution for provision of all necessary media with integrated air connection, electricity and water supply including crane system. Very quickly mounted and dismounted incl. the control panel.

Universal Base-front side

Universal Base-rear side

Control Panel

Power Cutter 200

Mechanical features of the system

No supply lines on the body!

  • No airhose of the airmotor.

  • No waterhose for the camera cleaning device.

  • No hydraulic lines on the body.

  • No cables for the camera on thge body.

⇒ This design allows an endless circling without stop.

⇒ No damages on supply lines, hoses, airmotor and camera.

Electronical features of the system

Electronical Monitoring

  • Sonsory monitoring of the arm.

  • Pressure sensor in the crawler.

  • Temperature sensor in the crawler.

  • Humidity sensor in the crawler.

  • Integrated inclination sensor.



  • Sure data transfer between the controller and the connected components.

  • CAN-Bus allows a modular structure.

  • Easy integration of additional components in the system.



  • Display the angle of the arm.

  • Display pressure, temperature and humidity in the crawler.

  • Display the inclination.

Cable drum

  • Power supply 115 V/ 230 V

  • 140 m special cablel; elastic limit over 400 kg

  • 220 m special cable; elastic limit over 400 kg

  • Automatic winding and unwinding

  • Automatic guided cable during winding/ unwinding

  • Integrated distance display

  • Adjustment of the cable force

  • Adjustment of the cable speed

  • Manual reeling of the cable possible

  • Weight approx. 39 kg

Power CUTTER 200

The highly versatile milling robot, way ahead of its time.

This robot has functional design with no supply lines to the apparatus; the endless circles of the robot’s arm are without end stop. In addition, the PC 200 visualises the arm position and has a CAN-Bus control.

  • No external supply lines on robot

  • Sensor monitoring

  • Remote maintenance module

  • Speed control

  • Proportional control with saving of milling position and arm setting.

  • Main camera can be modified to front camera.

  • Zero position of all moved axes (reset button)

Control system

The sensory monitoring is a highlight which offers a lot of advantages in practice.
Inclination sensors find out the axial and radial inclination of the crawler, sensors observe the pressure and the humidity in the crawler and special sensors observe the arm position and the angle of the arm.

Advantages of the control system:

  • Universal power supply 115 V/ 230 V

  • Compact design (19" Housing, Height 3HE)

  • External control panel with display

  • Communication via CAN-Bus

  • All motions controlled via Joysticks

  • Switchable video in- and output

  • Visualization of the parameters

  • Display the inclination

  • Storage and restore the parameters

  • Weight approx. 8 kg

Water/ airhose reel

  • 328 ft. Twin-hose for air- and water supply

  • Manual reeling

  • Rotating joint for air and water

  • Solid steel frame

  • The hose is up to 656 ft. extendable

  • Weight approx. 56 kg

Universal Base

Complete solution for provision of all necessary media with integrated air connection, electricity and water supply including crane system. Very quickly mounted and dismounted incl. the control panel.

Universal Base-front side

Universal Base-rear side

Control Panel

IST Lining  

Power DRUM Inversion Drums in every conceivable size (up to Ø 39.37"), manufactured exclusively out of high-grade steel and intended for air as well as water inversion, are produced in our works along with various Power TABLE Impregnation Units & Tables (manual, semi- or full-automatic operation) for Ø 3.94" to Ø 39.37" liners.


Likewise, automated Resin Mixing Units in a range of sizes and variations and an assortment of Power VACUUM Vacuum Pumps belong to our product portfolio.

Power Drum
Power Vacuum
Power Table

UV Technology

Possible configurations

Curing Controls

The Power LIGHT UV-Curing Control Unit for the control of light chains are available in various configurations and performance categories as well as modular system accessories.

UV Lining

UV Drum KT 300


The Front and Back-eye cameras are only available by I.S.T.

The allow the complete monitoring of the curing process, the font camera includes horizontal self-alignment. 

Both cameras are equipped with high quality lighting.

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