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Pipe & channel cleaning nozzles
Tier 1 - Standard

Tier 1 pipe cleaning nozzles was designed around 1950 by a German who also designed the first jetting unit.

Tier 1 nozzles have no internal water conductive design and the jet outlet holes are drilled in the nozzle material. The interior design of a Tier 1 nozzle is just a hollow chamber with no water directing design. The drilled holes in the nozzle for the jet outlet has no water stabilising design. The nozzle therefor creates more turbulence than the water has running through the hose. The turbulence in a Tier 1 nozzle creates a pressure drop in the nozzle of 35-55 %. This results in highly damaged water jets leaving the nozzle, which gives a poor cleaning result.

Tier 1 types of nozzles are normally called standard or conventional nozzle and the thrusting jets are normally angled between 20-40 degrees from the cleaning hose inlet.

The standard or conventional nozzles are still very common nozzles on the market, mainly because of the low purchase cost. They do have their place when it comes to simple and easy pipe cleaning, clogged pipes or when a smaller sized nozzle is the only option to enter a pipe. This is mainly an issue when cleaning residential housing.

The investment of jetting vans/trucks or combination units are great. To create cleaning force - water under pressure - costs wear and tear of jetting unit, as well as high diesel costs. To choose a Tier 1 nozzle for advanced pipe cleaning is therefore a bad investment.


Chisel nozzle (drilled holes)



AquaTeq® Chisel Nozzles with drilled jet holes front and rear, are made of harden stainless steel. The nozzles four front jets penetrate blockages while the rear jets thrust the nozzle up the pipe. The thrusting jets main target is to transport the nozzle rapidly up the pipe and AquaTeq® Chisel Nozzles are therefore well-balanced regarding flow forward versa rear thrusting flow.

AquaTeq® Chisel Nozzle Tier 1 is an all-purpose nozzles to open clogged pipes, remove general debris, grease as well as smaller roots in pipe.  Sharp edges with multiple forward jets deliver powerful penetration to effectively open blockages, cut through grease, ice and thinner roots. A multipurpose nozzle well placed in your toolbox containing different type of nozzles to allow you to solve the everyday cleaning challenges.

The Tier 1 Chisel nozzles with drilled jet holes are available from ¼” thread up to 1”. Each thread size has multiple waterflow options to fit most pump capacities. You find each nozzle water rated flow at 100 Bar (1450 PSI) at nozzle in the article list. Are you unsure what nozzle fit your jetter the best, please let us know and we will assist.

The Chisel nozzles Tier1 handle pressures from 250 Bar up to 300 Bar (3500 – 4350 PSI) depending on nozzle size.

Technical data





FIR™ sewer nozzle is designed for penetrating clogged pipes, ice or remove sand, sludge etc. before root cutting.

The FIR’s pointed shape and only one front jet, the FIR™ effectively works its way into the clog or ice, without losing the thrusting power.

Because of the shape of the nozzle it’s a good choice to use on blockages due to wet wipes, diapers or manure in pipe.

The FIR™ sewer nozzle adds much power to the propulsion which means that the FIR™ will travel further into the pipe than many other nozzles with three or four front jets.

FIR™ nozzles are made of quality stainless steel.

Technical data


For recyclersNo

Front jets1 x 0,6 mm

Length x diameter28 x ø 13 mm

Max working pressure350 bar (5000 psi)

Min water flow at 1450 psi10 l/min (2 us gpm)

Pipe dimension20-75 mm (1″-3″)

Rear jets4 x 0,8 mm

Weight0,01 kg




GLOBAL™FRONT is the most specialist nozzle in the GLOBAL™series, supplied with just one large front jet and no thrusting rear jets. Our customers use the GLOBAL™FRONT when they want to avoid water being pushed out from the pipe. It can be a clogged pipe inside housing or a larger pipe where water overfill from manhole create problems. The nozzle is pushed by hand, operator is manually feeding the hose until the nozzle reach the blockage. The high pressure pump is first activated at this point. The time when pump is activated must be short and well balanced due to the force from the front jet, pushing the nozzle to the rear. Always use extreme caution and safety when using the GLOBAL™FRONT. 

GLOBAL™FRONT is made of harden steel or harden stainless steel.

GLOBAL™FRONT has only one task – open a clog as quick as possible – with as little water as possible. If material must be brought out from pipe this has to be performed with a nozzle with rear jets. The design of the body, round shaped, prevent nozzle from getting stuck and to manoeuvre past and through obstacles.

GLOBAL™FRONT is available with hose connections from ¼” up to 1 ¼”.

GLOBAL™FRONT handle pressures at the nozzle from 150 Bar up to 300 Bar (2200 – 4350 PSI), depending on thread size.

Technical data


For recyclersNo

Front jets1 x 2,5 mm

Length x diameter21 x 20 mm

Max working pressure300 bar (4350 psi)

Min water flow at 1450 psi25 l/min (6 us gpm)

Pipe dimension40 – 75 mm (2″ – 3″)

Weight0,3 kg



GLOBAL™ GROUND is our lightweight and compact everyday nozzle to be used to remove material in pipe such as sludge, sand, and minor stones.  This means the nozzle has no front jets. The nozzles are supplied with 4 or 6 rear jets. We use the same philosophy as for our high-end nozzles, meaning we design our nozzles with fewer rear jets with larger jet size, instead off many small holes, which only create weak and misty water jets.

GLOBAL™GROUND is made of harden steel or harden stainless steel and has a design that makes the nozzle perform more than well. With the low jet angle on thrusting rear jets GLOBAL™GROUND has no problem to travel fast and far up the pipe as well as brining lighter debris back.

GLOBAL™GROUND is a Tier 1 nozzle but offer a much better performance than can be expected due to the design. The round shape prevent nozzle from getting stuck in pipe.

The hose connection threads reach from ¼” up to 1 ¼”. GLOBAL™GROUND supplied with the same hose connection, are made in several versions, all calculated for different water flowrates, to suit most pump capacities. In the list of nozzles, we state the water flowrate of each individual nozzle at a pressure of 100 Bar (1450 PSI) at the nozzle. If you need assistance to choose the nozzles best fitting your jetting pump and hose, we are happy to assist.

GLOBAL™GROUND with ¼” up to ½” thread can handle pump pressures up to 300 Bar (4350PSI).

GLOBAL™GROUND with 3/4” thread handles pump pressures up to 200 Bar (2900 PSI) and 1” up to 1 ¼” thread operates up to 150 Bar (2200PSI) at the nozzle.

Technical data


For recyclersNo

Length x diameter21 x 20 mm

Max working pressure300 bar (4350 psi)

Min water flow at 1450 psi6 l/min (1.6 us gpm)

Pipe dimension32 – 100 mm (1 1/4″ – 4″)

Rear jets4 x 0,6 mm

Weight0,03 kg