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Pipe & channel cleaning nozzles
Tier 1 - Standard

Tier 1 pipe cleaning nozzles was designed around 1950 by a German who also designed the first jetting unit.

Tier 1 nozzles have no internal water conductive design and the jet outlet holes are drilled in the nozzle material. The interior design of a Tier 1 nozzle is just a hollow chamber with no water directing design. The drilled holes in the nozzle for the jet outlet has no water stabilising design. The nozzle therefor creates more turbulence than the water has running through the hose. The turbulence in a Tier 1 nozzle creates a pressure drop in the nozzle of 35-55 %. This results in highly damaged water jets leaving the nozzle, which gives a poor cleaning result.

Tier 1 types of nozzles are normally called standard or conventional nozzle and the thrusting jets are normally angled between 20-40 degrees from the cleaning hose inlet.

The standard or conventional nozzles are still very common nozzles on the market, mainly because of the low purchase cost. They do have their place when it comes to simple and easy pipe cleaning, clogged pipes or when a smaller sized nozzle is the only option to enter a pipe. This is mainly an issue when cleaning residential housing.

The investment of jetting vans/trucks or combination units are great. To create cleaning force - water under pressure - costs wear and tear of jetting unit, as well as high diesel costs. To choose a Tier 1 nozzle for advanced pipe cleaning is therefore a bad investment.

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