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Pipe & channel cleaning nozzles
Tier 2 - Standard w/ Jets

Tier 2 pipe cleaning (storm, sewer) nozzles have no internal water conducting design but are equipped with replaceable jet orifices for easy adaptation to different pump capacities and improved water stream.

The interior design of a Tier 2 nozzle is a hollow chamber with no water directing design, same as Tier 1. Correctly designed replaceable jet inserts improve the performance and makes it easier to adapt the nozzles to different pump capacities. The nozzle itself create more turbulence than the water has arriving to nozzle through the hose. With jet inserts of good design, the pressure drop in the nozzle is around 20-30%.

Tier 2 types of nozzles are normally called standard nozzles and the thrusting jets are normally angled between 10-40 degrees from the cleaning hose inlet. Many Tier 2 nozzles are supplied with one or more front jets. The front jets can easily be plugged.

The standard nozzles are also very common nozzles on the market.

The investment of jetting vans/trucks or combination units are great. To create cleaning force - water under pressure - costs wear and tear of jetting unit, as well as high diesel costs. To choose a Tier 2 nozzle for advanced pipe cleaning is therefore a bad investment.


Chisel nozzle (jets)



AquaTeq® Chisel Nozzles Tier 2 supplied with exchangeable jet inserts booth for front and rear jets. The exchangeable jets allow a perfect match to your jetting truck and the pump capacity. The nozzles can be supplied with jets inserts in harden stainless steel (JS) or ceramic jets (JC). If you use recycling water we recommend the ceramic jets for longer service lifetime.

AquaTeq® Chisel Nozzles is the perfect all-purpose nozzle to open clogs and remove general debris including grease and light roots. The front of the nozzle is supplied with sharpened edges that will, together with the four front jets, help slice through grease, ice and roots and handle blockages of many types. The multiple front jets penetrate the blockage while the rear jets provide thrust to push nozzle up the pipe. The nozzle can also be used for hydraulic thrust boring.

AquaTeq® Chisel Nozzle is a problem-solving nozzle good to keep in any jetting toolbox. It opens up clogged pipes and penetrate obstacles. Various sizes are available to work in pipe sizes from 50 mm up to 500 mm (2”-20”). 

The Tier 2 Chisel nozzles with exchangeable jets are available from ½” thread up to 1 ¼”.

The Chisel nozzles Tier2 handle pump pressures of 250 Bar (3500 PSI).

Technical data


For recyclersNo

Front jets3 x m4 (15°) + 1 x m4 (0°)

Length x diameter62 x 33 mm

Max working pressure250 (3500 psi)

Min water flow at 1450 psi30 l/min (8 us gpm)

Pipe dimension50 – 225mm (2″ – 9″)

Rear jets3 x m6 (25°)

Weight0,25 kg

FIR® Pointed


FIR® POINTED sewer cleaning nozzle is designed for an efficient opening of clogged pipes. With its soft shape and with a possibility of up to (4) jets directed forward, the FIR® POINTED nozzle is a very efficient tool for ice-plugs and other obstacles in pipe. With thrusting jets in a two-level construction, the nozzle is effectively working its way through a jam. When the front of the FIR® POINTED has worked its way into the blockage the thrusting jets stepwise works its way through, removing and thrusting the material backwards. Due to the height and weight the FIR® POINTED lays steady in pipe and minimize the risk to turn in pipe.

Technical specifications:
• Made of hardened stainless steel.
• Interchangeable jets in hardened stainless steel or stainless jets with ceramic inserts.
• Three (3) thrusting jets in lower level with 30° angle and three (3) jets in upper level with 35° angle.
• Four (4) front jets, that easily can be plugged.
• Suitable for re-cycling units.
• Made for hose connections 3/4″, 1″ or 1 1/4″.

Technical data


For recyclersNo

Front jets3 x m6 (15°) + 1 x m6 (0°)

Length x diameter195 x ø 80 mm

Max working pressure250 bar / 3500 psi

Min water flow at 1450 psi100 l/min (30 us gpm)

Pipe dimension150 – 500 mm (6″ – 20″)

Rear jets3 x 1/8″ (30°) + 3 x m6 (35°)

Weight3,25 kg




GLOBAL™ SUPER PENETRATOR has a substantial amount of weight so it sits low on the bottom of the pipe. The specific design minimizes risk of nozzle turning in pipe and allows to successfully navigate over small voids, off-sets, drop joints etc. in the pipe.
GLOBAL™ SP has replaceable jet orifices for easy adaptation to different pump capacities and features up to four replaceable front jets that can be blocked if desired.

Field of application:
Regular pipe cleaning, open clogged pipes. Suitable for pipes with offsets or otherdamages where nozzle easy get trapped.

Technical specification:
• Made of harden nickel coated steel.
• Replaceable jets made of harden stainless steel or ceramic.
• Six thrusting jets 12°.
• Four front jets (can be plugged).
• For pipe inner diameter 150 – 600 mm (6″ – 24″).
• Hose connections 3/4″, 1″ or 1 1/4″.

Technical data


For recyclersNo

Front jets3 x m6 (9°) + 1 x m6 (0°)

Length x diameter260 x 73 mm

Max working pressure250 bar (3500 psi)

Min water flow at 1450 psi150 l/min (40 us gpm)

Pipe dimension150 – 500 mm (6″ – 20″)

Rear jets6 x 1/8″ (12°)

Weight6,5 kg

Global SP



The GOBLIN® GRENADE is made in harden stainless steel and is engineered for optimum maneuverability and to prevent nozzle from getting stuck on offsets.
Improved internal flow design, compared with standard nozzles, gives a more efficient general pipe cleaning.

The extended weight can be advantageous since GOBLIN® GRENADE normally stays more firmly to the bottom of the pipe. The weight can also be advantages cleaning inside housing where the nozzle needs to “fall” into a connecting vertical pipe.

All sizes of GOBLIN® GRENADE have replaceable jet orifices for easy adaptation to different pump capacities and feature one replaceable front jet which can be blocked if desired. Available with stainless steel or ceramic jets.


Technical data


For recyclersNo

Front jets1 x m4 - 0°

Length x diameter32 x 25 mm

Max working pressure500 bar / 7000 psi

Min water flow at 1450 psi8 l/min (1.6 us gpm)

Pipe dimension40 – 100 mm (2″ – 4″)

Rear jets4 x m4 - 12°

Weight0,1 kg