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Service + Support + Back Up when you need it

You can have the best products at the best prices but it counts for nothing if you can not back it up

We understand that the cogs need to keep turning to make you and your business make money. A broken drain camera, a faulty connection, a misfiring crawler, they all slow you down, stop you in your tracks and cost you money, time and reputation. 


We are exclusive repair centres for both IPEK and MiniCam. We have extensive training and continually expand our skills and expertise. We keep an extensive back up of parts on site to give you the fastest possible turnaround. 


We also keep an inventory of spare/loan cameras in stock that can be sent out within 24 hours, please ask for details on this service when you call.


If it goes near a drain and has moving parts we can and will repair it. 


You can call us or drop us a line in the contact us section about any problems you might have with your drainage equipment. 

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